Friday, 22 January 2010

Collective nouns - imput required!

If any of you have read my entire blog you will know that i have a thing about collective nouns and their unusual names. It all started when i was lucky enough to witness a "murmuring or a murmuration" of 
starlings See the blog here.  on a trip in Somerset. A murmuration is a large flock or flocks of starlings that contains literally thousands of birds. When they fly together before roosting time they look like a constantly moving swirling cloud producing a myriad of fantastic shapes in the sky.

Other collective nouns have been for a group of blondes. The suggestions so far are a "peroxide" or a "dither" of blondes.Apologies to any blonde ladies reading my blog! Just a bit of harmless fun.

A dither of blondes? Or a peroxide of blondes?

Other collective nouns requested have been for a group of lifeguards for which a "lush" of lifeguards has been suggested. I quite like this. Lush in this instance is English/Welsh slang for attractive or fanciable.

A "lush of lifeguards.

The final collective noun sought is for a load of bicycles which i photographed after a triathlon in Wales. So far nobody has come up with a suggestion for this one. The only one i can think of is a "spoke" of bicycles. Not really any good!

A "spoke" of bicycles.

If you have any suggestions for any of the above collective nouns leave your ideas in the message section.


Emm said...

Hah! I like that - "lush" of lifeguards. They can be lush indeed.

Anonymous said...

A 'fantasy' of blondes!?