Thursday, 1 July 2010

I'm a very naughty blogger!

Yes, i know i haven't added anything to my blog for a few weeks. It's not good enough and i'm sorry. I'm a very naughty blogger! However, i do have a partial excuse.

I am continuing with my running/jogging/shuffling regime. I now jog twice a week very early in the morning so as few people as possible see this purple faced wheezing excuse for an athlete passing by. I hate meeting other joggers and walkers because instictively i feel that i have to speed up and cutail my rythmic grunting noises to give the impression that i'm a fit veteran runner! One day maybe, but not at the moment.

However, i am making an improvement, albeit slowly. Very slowly. I jog the same route (i think it's just under 4 miles) and i time myself every run. My times have improved. At the beginning i had to stop several times. Then i alternated between jogging and fast walking. Now, the last couple of times i have gone out  i have completed the route without stopping. Only a few weeks ago i thought that was impossible. So, deep down i am really pleased with my progress.

I just wish i could breathe better when i run. I smoked quite heavily for over 35 years so the legacy is that my lung capacity is not brilliant, but hopefully this will improve as well. I'm glad that i forced myself to start running and know that i will continue barring injury.