Monday, 14 April 2008

Times are tough.

Recently i have been thinking more and more about old age and retirement. I'm beginning to worry about how on earth we are going to cope and pay for our non working years.

We are both in non pensionable employment (big mistake)and have to make our own arrangements for pensions and retirement income. Trouble is we have no disposable income to plough money into pension plans. We are too busy trying to pay the mortgage and household bills and we are meant to be middle class professionals.

Everything seems to have shot up in price recently. Our monthly expenditure is now beyond all reason added to the fact that i work in the property market, mostly on commission. A very bad combination at the moment! Reduction in income with higher bills. Result sleepless nights and worry.

My own fault i know, but i'm beginning to resent people that have company pensions, particularly final salary pensions. I'm finding myself getting really annoyed with some people moaning about their situation when thay have good pensions waiting for them and have good savings. They do not realise how well off they are.

I have suddenly become what i used to hate - a moaner. It's funny what a lack of money can turn you into isn't it?

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