Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Goodbye Kenzo.

It is with regret that I report the death of one of one of our beloved cats. It happened three weeks ago but it's only now that I can share this post. The death of a pet is always difficult to deal with, but in Kenzo's case it felt worse for me as I found his body in the road on my way to work. He had gone out late the previous evening but didn't come to our calls as he usually did. We weren't unduly worried as he occasionally did stay out at night and sometimes jumped in through the bedroom window in the early hours.

Kenzo in relaxed mode.

When he didn't appear the next morning I was uneasy, but thought maybe he had got locked in a neighbour's garage or shed and would turn up eventually as if nothing had happened. I left for work and saw him laying at the side of the road. I was in instant denial, trying to convince myself that it was someone else's cat, but it was him. I lifted him up, gently put him in the car boot and drove home to tell the dreadful news to the family. That evening we put him to rest in our garden close to one of his favourite dozing places.

We miss him terribly. He was only two years old. Such a short life, but he had such an effect on us. He was handsome to the eye and had such an infectious miaow. He just talked and talked to you! It was so disarming. We had him as a kitten at just a few weeks old together with his brother Bailey. They adored each other and played and slept together. Bailey, we can tell misses Kenzo. He went very quiet the day after. He is a bit better now, but not back to his normal self. He must feel very lonely. Why do pets do this to us? It really hurts when something like this happens. We will never forget you Kenzo.

Kenzo sleeping with his brother Bailey.


joe5710 said...

i also just came home from work last week and found my cat had been killed.an employee had asked me to work an extra hour so i did.i found out from a neighbour the death had accured 10 minutes before i arrived.he was only 3 months.i think if i had come home on time he would still be alive.he usually waited for me in the driveway.i was an hour late..would love to share a photo but unable through this site..i had to give one away 8 week old cat because i am going to peru in october..the 20th...under flag request i added a who wants a peru flag...sign up..

The Ancient Digger said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my very first cat a couple months ago. He was black and white also and I called him chubbs. I miss him so much.