Thursday, 1 July 2010

I'm a very naughty blogger!

Yes, i know i haven't added anything to my blog for a few weeks. It's not good enough and i'm sorry. I'm a very naughty blogger! However, i do have a partial excuse.

I am continuing with my running/jogging/shuffling regime. I now jog twice a week very early in the morning so as few people as possible see this purple faced wheezing excuse for an athlete passing by. I hate meeting other joggers and walkers because instictively i feel that i have to speed up and cutail my rythmic grunting noises to give the impression that i'm a fit veteran runner! One day maybe, but not at the moment.

However, i am making an improvement, albeit slowly. Very slowly. I jog the same route (i think it's just under 4 miles) and i time myself every run. My times have improved. At the beginning i had to stop several times. Then i alternated between jogging and fast walking. Now, the last couple of times i have gone out  i have completed the route without stopping. Only a few weeks ago i thought that was impossible. So, deep down i am really pleased with my progress.

I just wish i could breathe better when i run. I smoked quite heavily for over 35 years so the legacy is that my lung capacity is not brilliant, but hopefully this will improve as well. I'm glad that i forced myself to start running and know that i will continue barring injury.


Andy Colbourne said...

Keep up the good work robin, perhaps the belly will disappear soon, I wish I had your enthusiasm as I too need to get fit and lose weight before October 1st. I start August 1st.

Wissy said...

Whats happening on 1st October Andy?

Andy Colbourne said...

I go on holiday and need to look good so I can take my shirt off!

Emm said...

That is great Wissy! Congrats!! I think it is wonderful to get out there and get fit, especially in the summer time. You'll have all of the winter to sit inside and blog!

Pat Harrison said...

Hi Robin, I went into the Sweat Shop in Woking last weekend and bought a good pair of running trainers. They weren't patronising as I thought they might be, as I only wanted them for my occasional walk round the lake after dinner. They were about £70 but the chap assessed my gait (!) listened to where my feet hurt and picked two or three pairs accordingly and really seemed to know his stuff. Love Pat