Tuesday, 14 April 2009

On my doorstep

Low bridge and lock gate

Within a four to five minute walk away from where i live is the Basingstoke Canal. I use the canal for convenience for walking to the nearby village of St. Johns or the much longer walk into Woking if i don't want the hassle or expense of parking the car. Like most locals i tend to take the canal for granted. However the other day i went out for another of my walks and this time took my camera with me. This gave me a chance to take my time, take a step back and look at the canal from a totally different perspective.
A view along the tow path

I hadn't appreciated the beauty and living landscape that was literally on my doorstep. The day was damp, slightly misty and still. There was hardly anyone around apart from the odd jogger. I just wandered along taking the odd photograph of anything that interested me.
Interesting shapes and contrasts

Reflections in the water

Spring daffodils on the canal bank

When i got home and uploaded the photographs i had taken and had a really good look at them i realised how lucky i was to live close by and have access to such a beautiful environment the beauty of which up to now had generally passed me by. I hope the scenes that i have posted convey just how beautiful this man made stretch of water is.
An unusual angle!

An lovely plaque attached to one of the bridges

Another of the many lock gates along the canal

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